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Rating: 6 (41 votes)
Hello Guys, this movie was meant to be released yesterday but it seems the universe hates it and tries to keep me from publishing it. I literally had problems with everything getting this movie online (inet rendering encoding YouTube even with the esr site).

Looking back at the last 4 days i honestly wish i would have never made it. MY APOLOGIES for that mess i hope you can download and enjoy it since its all in all a good movie.

YouTube somehow has problems with the codec, thats why its only available on 480p BUT the original is the purest 1080p so 480 is still hd kinda. Also YouTube decided to double the movie length. i have no idea why! the movie ends at 5:30 keep that in mind.

I HIGHLY recommend downloading it cause the video quality is breathtaking! Though it might not run on weak or old machines!

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