Scheduled: 04:45 CDT, 14 April 2012 to 11:00 CDT, 15 April 2012
Schedule: Passed

What alot of people have been waiting for - the 2-day tournament Hymn of Hope kicks off this Saturday, 14th of April.

The tournament features some of the best European duel players, that QuakeWorld has to offer. Confirmed signups include Norway Rikoll, Denmark ParadokS, Sweden LocKtar, Sweden bps and a comeback from 60% LG-Whore, Sweden the-interceptor. All the madness will be streamed by United States of America QuakePhil.

For more information about sign-ups or other announcements, please head over to the official Hymn of Hope homepage. If there are any questions about scheduling or the tournament itself, do not hesitate to ask any admin over at #HoH @ quakenet IRC.

Links: Stream, QuakeTV, nQuake