XSReality betting has been restarted again with everyone on a clean sheet, so this is the time to get betting again. If you think you know Esports, then this is the way to prove it!

So how do you play? It's simple! Once you've registered an account you are automatically awarded some virtual money to start playing. Jump over to the betting page and check out all the open fixtures for bets you want to place. Click the option that you think will win and enter the amount you want to bet. Click "Bet" and you've placed your wager! Remember, that it's not just picking winners that makes a good better. The amount you win depends on how everyone else thinks the game will go. Picking an unlikely winner with long odds will win you far more than just picking favourites. Also note that the odds are always changing depending on how everyone else bets. The trick is to time your bet just right to get the best odds.

All winnings from the previous betting season has been swept into user savings accounts, so those of you that were doing well don't lose out!