Do you guys believe the "I Told You So" story is good?
Because I do not believe it, especially when the guy who says it is a dictator.
In Romania, there are some voices who tend to moan for the old communist leader, Ceausescu, because the sons of bitches who are now into power are goddamn robbers. But I don't like to hear the words: "I told you so". I think that these robbers should be hanged by the highest tree, but I still don't think that communism was the right way.

Back to Syria. There are voices saying that the world is scared that if the UN will give arms to the rebels then the zone will be the hottest zone on the planet, or at least the whole situation will be very dangerous for Israel. "I told you so", all parties will say, after.

I do not believe the "I told you so" slogan is good. I think that every dictator on the planet should be strangled and burned alive while drowned.

Let's not hide behind our shadows, because we are too scared of our size! We all know that the US is still making the international law.
I don't care what will happen next. Given the circumstances, this son of a bitch Bashar al-Assad should have a taste of the US drones and the US satellites, for the sake of equilibrium in battle, if not for the better.

Obama wants to win for another mandate. I think that if he will do nothing, given the multiple occasion the US intervened in the world, the world, including the American voters, will consider him weak.

This is the easiest task for him, ever. If he will go on tough on the Syrian army, most of the foreign people will love him, as well as the Arab world -which right now is on rage mode against America because the whole Qur'an scandal in Afghanistan -the Israel will love him because he is removing the threat of the Iranian forces, pushing them a little bit farther from Jerusalem, as well as the American voter and most of the people from all the countries, they will all love him for helping hopeless people against a dictator.

If the US will brings down the Syrian tyrannical regime, this will be reaction of the countries who's reactions US is concerned about:
-China will go a bit upset but they can't do shit, because they do not have full democracy in their country, so they do not have the support of their population -and, believe it or not, if a political party do not have the support of its people, then the political party is dead walking party
-the Iranians are already against the US, and if they will close Hormuz they will just break lose hell over their heads
-Russia is in the same bandwagon as China is -the reason for Putin not going aggressive and declaring recently that his ties with the Syrian regime are just normal, is that he knows that the population in Russia must feel at least some sort of compassion towards the population in a country ruled by a merciless dictator, so he do not want to lose many voters

As you can see, US can remove this dictator from the power, the path is clear. What is Obama waiting for, [massive intervention from the Hezbollah won't happen, later edit), what remains is complete extermination of the Syrian people or the continuation of this dictatorial regime?