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Esports journalism

2001-2002 Russia Pro-cybernews (Editor-in-Chief)
2002-2003 Sweden (Lead Editor)
2004-2005 United States of America ESportsEA (Editor-in-Chief, Consultant)
2006-2008 United States of America ESportsEA (Editor, Community feature host)
2008 TAO-CS volume 1 (Co-author)
2008 TAO-fRoD (Co-author)
2008-2009 United States of America (Editor-in-Chief, Consultant)
2009-2012 Germany SK Gaming (Editor-in-Chief)
2012-XXXX Germany Team Acer (Editor-in-Chief)

Pro bono publico:
2001-2002 United Kingdom XSReality (Site administrator)
2003-2004 United States of America Team3D (Editor-in-Chief, Consultant)
2012-XXXX Sweden fragbite (blogger)

CS movies:
2005 Down with the s1ckn3ss
2006 T01_natu
2009 fRoD - Quick and nasty (part 1)

Events attended for coverage purposes:
2001 United Kingdom CPL London (Pro-cybernews)
2002 United States of America CPL Summer (
2002 Norway CPL Oslo (
2002 Sweden WCG Qualifier Sweden (
2002 United States of America CPL Winter (
2003 France CPL Cannes (
2003 France Clikarena (
2004 United States of America CPL Winter (EsportsEA)
2009 China WEM (SK Gaming)
2010 Germany IEM IV European Finals (SK Gaming)
2010 Germany IEM IV World Championship (SK Gaming)
2010 Ukraine Arbalet Best of Four (SK Gaming)
2010 Sweden Arbalet Cup Europe (SK Gaming)
2010 Korea (Republic of) e-Stars Seoul (SK Gaming)
2010 United States of America WCG (SK Gaming)
2010 China WEM (SK Gaming)
2011 Ukraine IEM V European Championship (SK Gaming)
2011 Finland Assembly Winter (SK Gaming)
2011 Germany IEM V World Championship (SK Gaming)
2011 Denmark Copenhagen Games (SK Gaming)
2011 Sweden Dreamhack Summer (SK Gaming)
2011 Poland SK vs. FX showmatch (SK Gaming)
2011 Korea (Republic of) e-Stars Seoul (SK Gaming)
2011 France ESWC (SK Gaming)
2012 Ukraine IEM VI Kiev (SK Gaming)
2012 Germany IEM VI World Championship (SK Gaming)
2012 Sweden WCS Europe (Team Acer)
2012 Spain Dreamhack Open Valencia (Team Acer)
2012 Sweden Dreamhack Winter (Team Acer)
2012 United States of America IPL5 (Team Acer)
2012 Germany HomeStory Cup VI (Team Acer)
2013 Germany IEM VII World Championship (Team Acer)
2013 United States of America MLG Winter Championship (Team Acer)
2013 Germany LCS Europe Week 10 (Team Acer)

Esports commentary

2010 Germany IEM IV European Finals (ESL-TV)
2010 Taiwan IEM IV Asian Finals (ESL-TV)
2010 Germany IEM IV World Championship (ESL-TV)
2010 China IEM V Shanghai (ESL-TV)
2011 United States of America ESEA-invite S8 (WinOut)
2011 Spain GameGune (WinOut)
2011 Poland SEC (WinOut)

Pro bono publico:
2010 France ESWC (lvl^)
2010 United States of America Arbalet Cup Dallas (lvl^)
2010 Spain GameGune (lvl^)
2010 Europe fnatic PLAY (lvl^)
2010 Finland WCG Nordic (SK Gaming)
2011 Sweden Dreamhack Winter BEAT IT (whisenhunt)
2011 Germany EPS Winter (whisenhunt/ESL-TV)
2011 Korea (Republic of) WCG (whisenhunt)
2011 Ukraine IEM VI Kiev EU qualifier (SK Gaming)
2013 Italy FACEIT Sunday Cup April 28th (FACEIT)

* Voted the 'E-sports Journalist of The Year 2012' by the users of

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Posted @ 17:41 GMT 1 Nov 2013
This is great stuff Polos! Keep it up :)
Re: Memorial 3
Posted @ 09:59 GMT 13 Oct 2013
I didn't like the second movie, but this had some really good stuff in it. Evok
Re: Great video about tracking from Logi
Posted @ 11:29 GMT 11 Oct 2013
Interesting video, shame the audience are a bunch of cunts tho.
Re: DHW: The First Players & Map pool
Posted @ 20:16 GMT 24 Sep 2013
[url=]It's gotta be fatal1ty![/url]
Re: DreamHack host $250,000 CSGO
Posted @ 07:37 GMT 23 Sep 2013
A Chinese company called Tencent owns a majority stake in Riot Games.
Re: FACEIT Summer Season Cup #8
Posted @ 14:51 GMT 9 Sep 2013
There were a couple of games in the NA cup where the games were so one-sided I d
Re: John Carmack Joins Oculus as CTO
Posted @ 18:09 GMT 7 Aug 2013
The last good game he was involved with came out in the 20th century.
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