Hello there, I have succesfully made a bot that is able to stream games duels, well, it really just jumps from server to server spectating games.

The method used for finding a server is by reading the list of players on a server, and then calculating the average ELO for the match, the server with the highest average will be spectated. If the game is in pregame state for two minutes after joining it will find a new server to spectate instead.

A ranking system is also used, if the average ELO is below a certain value, it will be put in low priority state, thus when a server with a higher average is found, it will be spectated instead.

In the planning is also instant join via match linking in the ingame xmpp chat (if a friend posts a link to a match it will be spectated instantly).

Now, this all works fine, but it aint to much use if it can't be shown to the public.

What I need is essentially a sponsorship of some kind, either a friendly soul willing to host this bot, or people willing to donate hardware to me. (I have a core2duo which isn't quite enough for streaming 720p) I do have a 40/40mbit home connection which can be upgraded if needed, although it should be sufficient.

The streaming bot is essentially just a firefox plugin, so installing is easy, regardless of the operating system used.

Please do contact me if you are interested in participating in this project.

I can be found on the following services:
ole > QuakeNet IRC
paaskehare > skype
msn@ole.im > MSN
ole@ole.im > Mail