Someone tell me what headphones to get.

My budge is around $50.

I need a mic.

Preferably one that doesn't suck.

Now for shit that actually matters:

I prefer closed-ear stuff. I don't want any sound amplifiers or anything, like bass boost. I don't want this fake surround crap. I want proper stereo headphones that play what they should play. I want a volume control on the cord, but one without a mic mute button/switch. Those just get in the way. I need a long cord (well... not LONG, but not short either. 2m should be sufficient).

It would be cool if the mic was detachable, but that doesn't matter much, as long as it can actually be moved out of the way. A flexible mic isn't as important as one that rotates/swivels, but both are welcome. If it even exists, I don't want any hardware-implemented bullshit on the mic, either.

I'm no audiophile, and am using an onboard soundcard, but I don't want headphones that sound like shit. I also don't want any stupid flashing strobe lights. I'm trying to play video games, not have a fucking dance club in my living room.

Oh, wireless headphones are also kinda welcome. I'm not sure about the "ZOMG MEGA INPUT LAG" factor, but being able to go take a dump and still talk to people on Ventrilo is more than badass.

SUPER EDIT: I actually may just wait a little longer and get some Sennheiser PC 330's. I can get them for <$130 probably, so by February I should have enough. Something "good" before then would be preferable, though.