Yeah so it's like this: once every 10 times or so, when i run QL, my sens goes apeshit. It goes down by about 80%, and it has this weird feel to it, sort of laggy, like negative accel, but consistent. Only thing that helps bring it back to normal is shutting down the browser completely, simply logging in and out doesn't fix it.

Neither does in_restart, changing in_mouse value, increasing sensitivity (that weird lag persists), toggling m_filter, switching in and out of fullscreen, reloading my cfg or reconnecting.

Odd thing i noticed as well - whenever this lag kicks in, it seems like the point of control is slightly ahead of my pov, a bit like if i was in third person view. It's barely noticeable, but i think that is what causes the lag.

It always happens upon connecting, never during the game.

I have a Mx510, no accel, filter 1, win xp sp3, run QL from Firefox, always shut down my av and messengers and the like before i play.

Any ideas? I'll get my man Shady to suck the cock of whoever helps me out, yo.