After an intense weekend of competition the UT2004 tournament at Dare ProtoPlay 2011 has come to an end. It was interesting for me to on be on the organizational side of a UT2004 LAN event for a change and I have to say it's quite a challenge. However, I am very happy with the way it all turned out. I got to see some amazing matches, meet some of the nicest guys in the gaming community and generally have a great experience - although exhausting.

Check out the ASTZ! @ Dare 2011 Image Gallery for an idea of how it all looked.

Tournament wise, we saw some fantastic matches with the two Dutch players dominating (as expected). The biggest surprise for most people was the amazing comeback to form from ecko! who came out of a 2 year absence to a striking performance in the tournament, even taking a map from our eventual winner. zelVz also impressed me, with a fantastic hitscan and strong performance throughout, only falling short to the more experienced players in his first ever international LAN. A disappointed Kenchu and lo2dk also fell short of the very top spots, although they both showed a lot of promise and determination.

In the end it was always going to be between ScrMz! and Frantic and they didn't disappoint. All the scores from the 1on1 tournament are now available. There are interviews with some of the players as well. They talk about how they found the experience, what's next for them and how satisfied they feel with their performances.

Links: Original Announcement, Coverage Article with Interviews, Predictions etc, Image Gallery, YouTube Channel, Tournament Page, mIRC #DARE.UT