I wish to advertise my live video commentary page for quakeworld. It is different from most other commentary you may have seen because I am doing the commentary at the same time as I'm playing the game.

The intent is to show newbies (and/or players that are new to FPS) the thought process that goes on while someone is playing the game.

I'm still working on some technical aspects of capturing (using fraps locks me down to 120FPS, but perhaps I can use vdub with some tweaks to get unlocked FPS capturing) but I already have 30+ episodes ready, and I have gotten positive feedback, but I haven't been able to get too many views so I'm hoping to get some word out - so spread the word :) Even quakelive players and other players outside quakeworld have told me they learned something from these videos, so I hope you can too, and improve yourself in FPS :D

(I got this idea from kingscrusher chess live commentary, very entertaining; and then after I started I learned that some people do live commentary in SC2 also - psy, day9 I think, etc)

Links: playlist, youtube channel