So i upgraded - don't know if you could call it that - from xp to windows 7 with i7, gigabyte motherboard, ssd, wireless, super mad fps card, etc.

I thought it was just mouse accel behaving badly at first as opposed to my hand eye co-ordination (i once caught a fly with chopsticks - though it may have been in my wok in a box meal), but after installing MarkC's accel fix and not finding a difference, I suspected the computer and/or hand amputation.

Using dpc latency checker as I found in a couple threads, there seemed to be, every minute, 2 large red spikes occuring consistently.

Picture edited to feel more realistic. Thanks for your monie$.

Anyway, very simply, when the wireless PCI is disabled via system hardware, the dpc latency drops to normal and is stable. When it is on though, it manifests itself in audio clicks, pops, weird usb mouse movement - ie stopping, then speeding up.

Several kind words (honest) like please and open sesame, quickly degenerated into whore, slut, diseased brown squandering squat monster, then escalated to threats of physical violence, malevolence, and then finally torture if it did not admit what the problem was. So far it has been very unforthcoming.

I am running a tp link wireless (atheros PCI) card with just the driver installed - as I can not get the tp link written program to load on win7. Changing the pci slot to 3 different locations has not changed anything either.

So anyone currently using windows 7 - happen to have wireless without irq latency problems?

Do you have anything loaded for the wireless cards besides just the driver?
What card are you using as well.

Or anyone had similar problems that they've been able to fix or noticed?
Oddly enough even with the spikes, tf2 worked fine.. (ugh)