I'm happy to announce the first cup for the fresh, new and hopefully exciting modification by Finlandcrizis: DRAMAMOD!

I personally really like the mod and also think that there are some people out there who also like it, so I thought that I could aswell make a cup for it. I hope that enough players will sign up and we will get some nice games and DRAMA!

DRAMAMOD is a modification that changes how the armors in warsow stack and how much protection they give. Also it changes most of the weapon-defs (for example less knockback on Rocket Launcher or longer Laser Gun-Beam) to make the game more balanced, it aims mostly to change the duel gametype and make it more fair and not armor-cycle dependent (like player gets Red Armor, rushes to Yellow Armor, selfdamages himself a little and pick it up, then rushes back to Red Armor and pick it up, making a comeback for the out of control player impossible).

I hope that many players will sign-up and check-in and we will have a nice sunday afternoon/evening with lots of Warsow action!

You can downoad the mod by connecting to the DRAMAMOD public Servers:

/connect warsow-esport.net:59000
/connect warsow-esport.net:59001

Or later on, by connecting to the Cup-Servers hosted for the cup by crizis (Isn't he a nice guy?).

Ivan 'WTFPRooF?!' N.

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