I really think that actual mappool sux for misc reasons but the map that s by far the worst is hektik .
Thats the most stupid rush only map i ve ever played in my life and i m not here writing after a rage or anything . I played the map a lot and spoke with a lot of good / top players and almost none of them that actually played it enough like it . Its a map where u cant do much more than rush rush rush and take every armor . I gotta say that it loooks nice for the first 10 matches or so but when 2 players know it at a pretty good level it becomes pure shit . The typical match there is one get ra mh spawn + lg other guy takes ya . Guy with the stack rush to rg from higher takes a kill , then goes up to portal and can kill enemy that most likely will spawn at upper rl and kill him , then start a 4-5 min spawnraping till u die for over extending ur self ( and this might not happen). Control switches and he has got his 5 minz of control . Guy who had more clean spawn frags wins the game .

Thats ofc a match between two similiar level players where someone cant overfight the other player with half the stack .
I just cant see a map like this in IEM , its so stupid and removes most of the depth of quakelive duel . Just image how stupid a shoutcast might be on it , player A spawn frags... nice spawn frag ..nice rl+rg combo on enemy standing at spawn etc .

U might say that changing spawns is a good idea BUT it s just too small and positiniong urself next to ra u can see all the map just moving 1 second.
May be a good idea to change the map heavily adding a room and changing one of the 2 teleporter exit .

T4: i just find it stupid to add it . Its another 10 y old map where actual top players have years and years of practise . A lot of people complain about the always identical top 5 standing . Adding other old maps surely wont help all those non-q3 upcoming players . ATM we already have aero and ztn which are completely the same as q3 (oh wait there s a GA ! and 2 holes) and dm13 which at least has been largly modified layout wise .

With the addition of T4 now there are 3 old maps while u can eliminate only 2 or 1 . Even those non q3 top players like stermy or dahang will have some HUGE problem . If u compare old season u can easily see that they lost on ztn most of the times while they win a lot more on new maps . ( campground is somewhat different due the easy layout and the shaft abusing, and both players are pretty good on shafting )

I really like dismemberment tho :D