With the first half just finished, its clear to anyone but sheeps that Uruguay started playing real football, and then by very ugly fouls that went without yellow, while the only yellow was for Uruguay and by crushing our captain Lugano with a penalty that went unnoticed forcing his replacement, then they nearly broke the neck of another player, and so on. Then finally scored.

Theyre all so sure your sheeps that they started the show with some reading about racism, ohh poor Ghana, preparing what they already knew was going to be unfair. Look Ghana won, so racism doesnt exist, right? At the same time they cant accept it, such an insignificant country being world champion again? Oh noes they feel so "first world" that they cant accept the truth, blood of champions cant be bought, referees yes tho.

Can someone really enjoy winning in such despicable way? I mean, you know, its the cheating equilavent, were supporting a rotten organization.