Scheduled: 08:30 CDT, 3 April 2010 to 10:00 CDT, 3 April 2010
Schedule: Passed

This coming weekend, the first offline event of the ASUS European Nations Championship 2010 will take place in France Poitiers, home of the French LAN Gamer Assembly. More exactly, the event will take place at the Futuroscope where the first ESWC events were held. This place is very much loaded with Quake history as the Gamers Assembly used to be a big meeting for French quakers.

For that offline event, 3 show matches with team France France will be organized on CS1.6, CS:S and Quakelive TDM. The following games will be played on Saturday and streamed on ESL TV (schedule is now finalized):
08:30 CDT - ql France France vs Austria Austria
10:30 CDT - cs France France A vs France B France
13:45 CDT - CSS France France vs Belgium Belgium
ASUS will also organize a free gaming area where spectators can come and try some new games (Battlefield Bad Company 2, Metro 2033 and Dawn Of War II Chaos Rising) on their fancy computers and win some raffles.

Update: The VOD of the QL game is now available.

Links: ENC Poitiers, ASUS ENC 2010, Gamer Assembly, ESL TV, Demos
Stream: Free / Premium / linux: -url:ESL.oph350 (Octoshape)