Hello peepz let me introduce myself.

Im a Quaker from the past and i joined a game called counterstrike later on in the story. But i recently started Quake live.
And at this moment i need some confessions to make just to get clear with my own.
My mind is totally flipping the last week.
That has to do with the fact i used drugs for many years.
A habbit im now trying to learn my self off.

(maybe best to put a age stamp on this thread)

But since im not using any hard drugs anymore.
only some weed untill the bag is empty.
And since my mind totaly freaks out.
So for the best for my own thinking and clearing.

I need you the quake community to tell something.

It was in about 2003 but it could be that the times aint perfectly.
But are in my mind.

The first team i ever joined in online gaming was ^DA^
And the server where i most played was a tdm server called EU/UK Domino
The guy who ran that team was FRAGME who later renamed to JAGUAR (written in blue)

Our fight began when he kicked 4d out of the team because he didnt pay for the server. the next day when r week i got in a fight with fragma because of the same shit.
Because he wanted to let evry teammember pay the same ammount of money for it so team members know and would use the server (it was a osp server)
And back in those old glory days u needed your own server to play in the league of demonclans.co.uk

I got kicked out of ^DA^ aswell.
But me and FRAGME always fighted.
It never stopped and it frustrated me always.

And peeps like bigfoot,iggy.oxidoze,reaper know this aswell.
Always in offcials and in praticse with ^DA^ vs the team i was in.
We always fighted and we also never played on the same public servers because of it.

Later on in Quakelive i have talken to FRAGME aka JAGUAR
I was talking with him and both of us want to leave the fights for what it was and we both got older.
hell yeah evrybody got older.

But he told me his good friend Doobious is banned in Quake live? But somehow i think in that conversation he was talking bout me and the season he got banned with his team.
And he wanted it some where online.

And BW and jolt are down these days. But almost al quakers are online here at least i hope they still are.

But somewhere in 2003 i got a automatic timer from a teamm8.
Whoops who am i? and who was the teams i playing with.
Aswell i will keep it only to tdm.
^DA^Bullseye // Fx*SeX // WaR.Furi0ux // Furi0ux.>> // nexus.furi0ux aka nexus.sz // Ermac *AoS* // 8==D Ermac // [cs]ermac // thiiij (for css & ql)

When i was nexus there was a teammember in my team called wug and he had automatictimer and he shared that with me.

it was the same as CX timer r written on that basis but to make it work u needed a 3rd partyapplacation. wich is illegal.and wasnt traceable with punkbuster.

(see it as the same thing like in quake live when you are spectator of a game and u see the times of items going down.
this timer had the same idea)

somewhere in the season with nexus i got into a fight with JAGUAR again and to get finnaly rid of him i pasted the 3rd party applacation into Bigfoots and into Reapers hands.
And i told them it came from ^DA^
They got banned for 1 season.

But in the conversation i had with JAGUAR on a public tdm server.
He told a story something like Doobious is banned forever in quake live bla bla because he cheated.

In this post i hope quakelive will unban him after reading this confession.
Doobious is a very very very good player and i do not believe he cheats.
When i started q3 it was 2v1 in tdm me and jaguar vs him and the guy never lost back in those days (i also was still a newbie doob!)

So hopefully this post can make things a bit better for them.

I also wanne give my excuses to evryone i hurted in quake and css. I got pretty some skills. im not the best out there but im also 100% sure im not the baddest skilled player out there.

I have give the piss to many players on ts2/ventrilo/mumble and as message during games.
To say some player names i know they kinda hate me, Matt *SeX, ^DA^Maja, Dorito, Mooby, Lekaim, DarkDude, Landi.
And of course many many more but the list is very long

I am not proud on this.
And again i would like to mention im very sorry for this.

But next to this i also have other problems and im happy at this moment that i written this problem off.

im pretty sure some of u guys will hate me for this. other will love me and even others wont pick a side after this forumpost.

I quit playing under the names furi0ux,thiij or ermac.
But i probelly won't stop playing games.
So i also hope i don't get banned after this.

If i will start playing again.
i hope i learned my lessons.
And will try to do my best to keep the games fair and without bad names things etc.

Yet again im sorry for evrything.

Ermac aka fx aka furioux aka thiij outtie.......