Skill: 0 being a noob and 1 being the best human aimer.
The illustration is based on no real world data whatsoever and is probably useless. With that said...

Are people who are good at tracking their opponent rewarded with smaller hitboxes? Although they may hit more than the average joe, is this the true story? Perhaps the assumption that the pros' accuracies don't drop by the same amount is incorrect. There is no model or data at all to back it up. Get to work fellow nerds.

I feel the rail and the pg aren't as useful as before due to the lower accuracies. Neither are the mg and sg because of their spread. The lg damage was buffed and overall the damage output remains about the same. The rl has become a better choice because of the other weapons losing their efficiency.

Does the game now favor the use of rl and lg over other weapons? Is it necessary to reduce the spread of the mg & sg or is it better this way? Imagine a hitbox only 1 unit wide. With the (random?) spread even an aimbot would hit only a few percent.