In the last months I started to play some duels again and I felt that my first spawn would be extremely often at the GL platform.
Today I woke up early and was bored, so I decided to take a look at my ztn demos and find out if my feelings about the starting spawn had any true background or if it was some psychological thing.

I looked at 55 demos, all recorded within in the last 2 months:
(left/right side based on when you look from mega to rail)

left gl spawn 12
right gl spawn 7
left rail spawn 3
right rail spawn 5
lower YA spawn 11
Plasma spawn 8
LG spawn 2
SG spawn 5
spawn at stairs above RL 2

Even though I was expecting the result to be more clearly, it is still suprising that I spawned at one spawn six times more often then at other spawns.
I can think of two possible explanations:

1) I had simply bad luck, 55 demos are not enough to provide a reliable result.
2) starting spawns in ql arent completely random (by accident or on purpose?)

What do you guys think? Would a statistic of your spawns look similar to mine? Is it possible that there is some bug in ql that makes us spawn at the gl platfom more often than we are supposed to?
Maybe you can take a look at your demos and post your numbers here, so we have a more reliable statistic.