Single Player demo out. Mirror links here:

The level in the demo is much larger than previous painkiller levels, and the game does not always tell you where to go so there is more exploring. Consequently I found myself lost quite a few times because of the questionable map design.

All the enemies and weapons in the demo are reused from previous pk games. In the demo is the painkiller, shotgun, stakegun, and rocketlauncher. I saw shuriken ammo but could not find the gun.

At first the level is boring as I was walking along a cliff, but things get more interesting as I found myself walking across very skinny bridges and climbing very tall steep stairs, finally to get to a small castle at the top with some awesome gunfights inside.

The new graphic upgrades look nice like the dynamic lighting of the rockets. The water reflection was a little confusing as it reflects everyone so sometimes I thought a reflection was a pit you could fall into and die.

The demo has quite a few glitches. The first thing i saw was a waterfall but the water was a glitchy orange box which made a bad first impression. Some parts of the map were very dark and I decided to use the flashlight, but not all the walls would react to the flashlight. Also got stuck in between two walls in the castle at the top of the mountain and had to kill myself to reload. Speaking of loading this game takes a sh!t long time to load.

This game comes out in less than a week (Oct. 27th) and I'm not sure if I will buy it, although it is only $20.00 on amazon. Pre ordering on steam will also get you all three previous painkiller games for free.