The first season of the new league Stickrunners is now over and we really enjoyed this and we hope to be back really soon with a new season of pure action. We would like to thank all the participating teams, Netherlands XS4ALL for helping us out with servers and gtv, all the admins and also Belgium chatfragger and Sweden DeViL who started this whole project. If you look down you can see some info about this season, all the review and also all the movies that we made, we made some "movie reviews" each week, we took the best caps and frags and put them in to a movie for about ~5min, added some music, nothing pro about them, simple movies with awesome intros!

Once again I'd like to thank all the people who made this happen and I really hope that you will be back for our next season (date not set yet!) and I hope you all have a nice summer and keep on fragging! GG WP all!