I was an IE 3.0 user and just bought DeathAdder, and could use a little help from experienced users.
First of all my settings with IE 3.0 were:
win sens 6/11
no mouse accel
Q3 sens 3.25 Mouseaccel 0.6

I would like to get the same sens since I`m feeling my aim is totally off.

I read somewhere that DA is not so good on lower DPI so I should set it to 1800 DPI.
Now since I could go with 450 dpi and 10 razer sens , (it`s almost the same as before ), or to go 1800 DPI with maybe 2.5/10 razer sens ?
I think I`m a low sens gamer, but never really tested it, just know that 900 or 1800 DPI is to fast for me even in win if razer sens is set to default 10.
Any thought or help would be greatly appreciated.