Pictures rumoured to be leaked from multiplayer maps of the new Wolfenstein title has started circulating on the web. Wolfenstein uses the now rather old iD tech-4 engine, known from Doom 3 and Quake Wars amongst others so the graphics may not be superb, yet thankfully the player has finally found the end of the bunker in Wolfenstein 3D and has now stepped into an open and in some ways vivid world. Likely with help from the previously hyped MegaTexture technology. The biggest new feature of this installment of Wolfenstein is The Veil, a sort of alternate reality that the player can switch in and out of at will, similiar to the world Frodo enters while putting on the One Ring. It is uncertain how this will work in multiplayer.

Wolfenstein is scheduled to be released this summer by Raven Software, with multiplayer by the CTF masters Threewave and the new studio Endrant. Publisher for Raven will be of course Activision Blizzard. said that maps are mostly small and feature indoor environment just like RtCW did. It's still not sure from which state of the game development process those map screenshots are taken, hence there might be different maps in the final version, or some things may be left away or changed. As all the screenshots are watermarked by idsoftware, we can assume them being legit and true content of the upcoming Wolfenstein game.


mp maps
As the names of the leaked screenshots say, Wolfenstein will have the following multiplayer maps:

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