The Stamina 1 ladder is now over and the top 32 participants have been decided. While running for 2.5 weeks, the ladder portion of the event showed a lot of people really going back and forth for the 28 out of 32 spots available, the other 4 spots being invitees from the previous tournament held.

Starting Sunday the 11th, the best of 3, single elimination round will take place and right off the bat we see famous names like MYM.DinOt and MYM.Dreiven going head to head as they’re both fighting for the first place prize of $300.

If you’re familiar with the WCG, or the latest Blizzard invitational event in California, you might have heard of [flag=US]Artosis, he’s a well known commentator from the states as well as being a 6 time WCG USA finalist and 2 time grand finalist. He will be casting all of the top 32 matches, which will be available after the tournament is over in a VOD format.

[hide=Introduction to the Stamina 1 event] What is Stamina? Stamina is a new tournament with cash prizes open to any players outside of Korea. The tournament will start out with an 18 day ladder based on ICCup. At the end of 18 days, the top 28 ranked players in the ladder will be qualified for the final tournament to fight it out for $500 in cash prizes. Throughout the event there will be in-depth coverage as well as VODs of the best games released.

Stamina also marks the start of a new ranking system for players of events. A side ladder will be kept to keep track of player¡¯s finishes in the soon to be frequent events on the site. These rankings will help to determine invites and special events in the future.

As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated. We hope to start bringing many events to the non-Korean community, and any input you have to make these events better in any way will be greatly appreciated!

Stamina 1 schedule:

Stamina - how to play:

1) Get an ICCup ladder account ( with no games played on it. Make sure that you also have an account at with the same ID/name.

2) Request to join this team:

3) After December 19th, 12:05am KST (December 18th, 11:05am EST, 5:05pm CET), start playing on the ladder.

4) Make sure you actively watch for updates on the tournament and to check for messages from admin¡¯s on and

5) Ladder ends on January 5th KST. At this time the top 28 players from the ladder will be seeded into the final 32 man tournament. The last 4 seeds will be the top 4 players from the Spirit tournament¡¯s top 16 who are not already qualified for the final Stamina 1 tournament.

6) On January 11th at 17CET the final tournament of 32 will begin. Any players who do not show up at this time will be replaced by the highest ranked Stamina 1 ladder player who shows up to the final tournament. Rounds of 32, 16, and 8 will be played in a BO3 format using map1: Destination, map2: Medusa, map3: Colosseum II. In the following week the top 4 will be played with a BO5 for the grand finals. The entire tournament is single elimination.

7) Prizes are distributed as followed:

1st: $300
2nd: $150
3rd: $50
4th: a pat on the back (to be redeemed upon visiting South Korea).

Stamina rules:

`70; Stamina is open to any player outside of Korea.
`70; Final tournament maps will be Destination 1.1, Medusa 1.1, Colosseum II, and Shin Chupung-Ryeong. Any maps may be played during the ladder stage.
`70; No smurfing allowed. You must use the ID which you are most known by. If you break this rule you will be banned from the event.
`70; All games must use the Anti Hack launcher.
`70; All replays must be saved. Keep the Auto Replay function on. Any replays requested by admins must be sent promptly.
`70; The account you join the ICCup ladder team with must be D rank with 0 games played. After requesting to join, you may start playing immediately (as long as the ladder stage has already started); you don¡¯t have to wait to be accepted.
`70; You may play anyone on ICCup. You are not limited to playing other players participating in Stamina.
`70; You may not transfer stats or play in ICCup tournaments or you will be kicked.
`70; Sharing accounts will result in ban.
`70; Hacking/cheating/abusing is strictly forbidden. If you participate unfairly in any way you will be banned from Stamina. Abuse includes but is not limited to:
- Win trading
- Complaint stacking
- Spam botting
- Disconnecting
- Mass winning the same opponent
- Playing your friends with an off-race

Don¡¯t do anything that could be seen as abuse at all. Admins have the right to ban or reset you at any time.

`70; It is your responsibility to have a stable and fast internet connection. If you are the cause of lag against your opponent, you can be disqualified from the event at the administrators discretion.
`70; You must promptly respond to any announcements, instructions, or requests which are messaged to you or posted about on
`70; If you have any questions/comments/complaints/suggestions please contact ArtosisSTAMINA on the ICCup website or ask in this thread.
`70; Rules are subject to change based upon user feedback and unforseen events.[/hide] [hide=List of the top 32 players] [avatar=SC_Zerg][flag=CN]Fnatic.F91
[avatar=SC_Protoss][flag=PE]Fenix[/hide] [hide=Brackets]You can view the brackets by going here and clicking the Schedule (there's a drop down menu for groups A, B, and top 16)[/hide] [hide=Replacement player list] MYM.Arew
Enivid[/hide] [hide=Times and dates of the first 3 rounds] January 11th @ 17 CET
January 11th @ 11 EST
January 12th @ 1 KST[/hide] [hide=Maps and location]ICCUP server in channel Stamina1
Maps are Destination, Medusa, and Colosseum 2[/hide] [hide=Prize distribution]1st - $300
2nd - $150
3rd - $50[/hide] [hide=Country distribution] China - 5
Sweden - 4
USA - 4
Canada - 4
Peru - 4
Poland - 3
Germany - 2
Chile - 1
Russia - 1
Italy - 1
Macedonia - 1
Slovakia - 1
Netherlands - 1[/hide] [hide=Race distribution]Terran – 6
Zerg – 13
Protoss - 13[/hide] [hide=Team distribution] Fnatic - 5
MYM. - 4
ToT) – 3 [/hide]

There’s a “Guess the top 3” contest that goes along with this event, all you need to do is go here and post who you think will place in the top 3 spots and in what order. When the tournament is finished, the winner will receive $50 for guessing correctly. If there are multiple people with the same predictions, there will be a small tournament for those people, the winner will receive the money.