First is a mouse question.

I use wmo1.1a with the mousefix registry file for 0 XP accel. I also use the IntelliPoint drivers, because when going to LAN, when you have to play in some PC that isn't yours, people has installed already a hundred different drivers, making your sens a total mess. After uninstalling all the other drivers, I get the IntelliPoint installed and set mouse speed fadder to the same I use here, so I get the exact same sens.

Now, QL was ignoring the speed control of the IntelliPoint, even if set to max (the cursor going nuts fast on Windows) the sensitivity was the same in QL. I changed in_mouse from 1 to -1 and now the sens was being affected by the speed selected in the drivers, which is what I wanted. The weird thing is, a month ago or so, if I don't remember it wrong, I had to do the same thing inverted: in_mouse 1 was afected by the speed selected on the drivers, and -1 wasn't. Can anyone explain me what the fuck? Plus, I also see a lot of new weird ass mouse cvars.

I just tried in Q3 now, and both 1 and -1 are being affected by IntelliMouse's selected speed. Don't remember if always has been the same. Btw yeah, im doing in_restart after changes.

I just want a way to be able to get always the SAME sens everywhere by following the same steps of configuration.

The second question is, why the game still has ugly shadows when r_vertexlighthing 1, r_picmip 5, r_mapoverbright 5 etc? (qw style shadows).