Since we are still waiting for the new Rocket Arena 3 version ( 1.8 ) and the official developer site tells us for months: "We are progressing. Assets are being made, coffee is being consumed. Expect teasers soon(tm)", we had the idea to benefit at least from the new improved and bugfixed maps. So we used the ra81.8beta2 maps and created a litte ra318beta2-mappack which contains only the new maps.

There's no need to make backups of your files, we've provided .bat and .sh files for switching between 1.76 and 1.8 beta2 maps. Rocket Arena 1.76 must be installed/

In order to make this work we all have to switch to the new mappack, although the switching between the versions is very easy, its still annoying. In order to accomplish this, we already talked to most server and leagues admins, as well as the most famous pickup channels:, and All we spoke to are fine with the idea.