Looking for a cheap holiday destination in Europe.
Price made up of:
Transportation from England (plane or coach?)
General hotel/motel costs (for a week)
Estimate of how much would be needed during that time for food, seeing sights & public transport costs to those sights

Any help appreciated <3 besides people suggesting UK/Ireland, keke

Update: Madrid looks most likely :o travel to airport + flight to there = £40 (return). Dunno bout costs from Madrid airport to hotel but doubt itd be much. Hotel ~£200. If going then just for 5 days (well 3 full, head out on a tue, return on a sat)

Update 2: Cunts at ryanair up'd the price of the ticket on the way there so gonna take easyjet out & comeback on ryanair. Plan to stop in some apartment instead of a hotel now o:
Going June instead of August now.

Update 3: Everythings booked o/~ coach to liverpool airport (killer 4 hours) 5 hour wait until easyjet plane takes off. On the way back its at the madrid airport at ~4am for ryanair return then coach back to brum @ 10.
stopping here .