Ok I've replaced my CRT once and for good this time and finalised my display config for CNQ3/CPMA.

I had to update my cfg and tweak nvidia drivers to try matching the CRT responsiveness.

r_swapinterval 1
com_maxfps 120
refreshrateoverride : 120Hz

r_swapinterval 0
com_maxfps 142
refreshrateoverride : 75Hz

I'm using a Samsung 226BW which is 2ms GTG and 75Hz refresh rate capped.
Even though it felt visually smoother, I had to disable v-synch due to some unbearable input lag that would make Q3 unplayable.

I've tried the 125fps/60Hz ratio but its clearly not as enjoyable and smooth as 142/75.
And I'm not using 125fps/75hz because of the disabled v-synch : with r_swapinterval 0, com_maxfps 142 is definately the best setting to almost completely get rid of tearing effects while using 75Hz monitor refresh rate.

Now the real problem is that many servers caps your com_maxfps value to 125 and therefore forces me to play a not so smooth ratio (tearings).

I hope this cap is one of OSP's sequels rather than a real netcode-dependant limitation.
What's the point fixing fps/movement interactions if you can't freely setup your display because of some fps/netcode dependancy... I'm scratching my head.