United States of AmericaCanada Team EG's Annie 'Ecstacy' Leung has made another appearance in eSports media, this time with SK-Gaming. In the feature, SK|Malystryx sat down with her to ask a grueling series of questions, with topics ranging from her involvement in gaming to her personal life.
SK Gaming So as we’ve touched on before you joined team EG, you’re the only female in the line-up do you think you are treated differently or are you just “One of the guys”?

United States of America Ecstasy: I am definitely “one of the guys.” My teammates are respectful and they see me as a player, not as the girl on the team. We all get along very well and have become really close friends. Stryfe was one of the few people who saw the potential in me and have helped me improve tremendously since.
Annie revealed everything from how she came up with her alias to the fact that she was a cheerleader in high school, so be sure to check it out.