Heres a pick of my recently made royal flush (the first one ive ever seen and ever had myself)

Was playing a ú10 sng at rileys!

It was about 7 handed, im on the button, UTG calls, person after him calls, everyone else folds to me, i call (with A J of Spades), SB and BB call also.

Flop comes Ks 10h Qs

At this point im sitting in my chair with a beer in my hand thinking OMFG i got the nuts, SB bets, BB calls, UTG calls, Next person calls, i re-raise about 3x the raise, SB goes all-in, BB goes all-in, UTG folds, next person folds, i call all in (i got more chips than then atm)

turn comes 3c

river comes 10s


*takes picture* (people are like wtf? its only a royal flush, fuck them tho, i was excited lol)

btw, i was dealing this hand (dealer button deals at this place), and it was my first night at this place!

didnt go down so well.... fuck em tho i dont cheat!

also it turns out the guys who went all in are retards (SB had Jack 9 [low straight], BB had Ace Queen [pair of queens, even bigger retard, il let him off tho , he looked jamican])

Gears of war PC (1650x1050 on high) > 360 version!

Looks mint, and its also easier to aim with a mouse! although running and turning is abit easier on a 360 controller!

peace out and god bless.

1 last thing...

I watched a film called "The Man from Earth" last night, its actually a brilliant film and i think alot of people from esr would enjoy it.... (if they aint seen it already that is..)

Another thing is id like to add to my journal is...

Im working on friday on the launch day of the iPhone! Im really excited as im expecting queues at our store for it, ive been playing with it for a couple of days, and i have to say its damn cool. Its a pity i cant afford to get one legitimatly, il probably be getting an unlocked 1 (even tho im on O2, i dont wanna pay another ú15 a month for my tariff)..