why isn't there yet a free Quake3 client?

Quake1 can be played easily for free with nQuake.
Quake2 can be played easily by installing 3.20 patch over the demo.

don't you think Quake3 deserves a free client as well? :)

you can already play Quake3 for free on Unpure servers:
1. Install Quake3 PR 1.32 in an empty folder
2. Download OSP or CPMA
3. Use ChallengeQuake3 executable
non-critical steps:
4. Use 01_Q3texturePack001.pk3 which contains all the textures of 1x1 size to iron out missing texture errors.
5. Download custom weapons models for GL and BFG (since they weren't in the demo)

this is pretty easy already..

why not make a standard server binary and a client that allows people to connect with a free setup? would add to the popularity of the game.. look at that awful Open Arena!

the demo + PR 1.32 comes with the most important id maps: the pro maps, q3dm7, q3dm17, q3dm1, so it's only convenient :)

plus most CPMA maps use custom textures leaving only a small set of textures to be replaced.. and i'm sure the Q3 community can make a pak with required missing media to make it prettier than using blank textures.