A few weeks ago I got the urge to look into the map stats for some of the Q4 events this year. Much like the Q3 CPL 06 map stats, I decided to look into the win/loss ratio for each of the players maps again. The first event I compiled stats for was the ESWC Finals, held earlier this month.

In addition to the ESWC Finals I also compiled the stats for some of the earlier events this year. However, not all of them have had the best coverage (WSVG Lanwar missing demos...etc) and are not fully completed below top 8.

But, for the ESWC Finals, the stats are as follows:

As expected, av3ks maps stats are impeccable along with Coollers.

However, one thing I noticed while going through the stats was purri's record on Placebo. I recall how frustrated forever said he was after his glass shattering incident and how he said he gave the match away after beating purri on Placebo the first map.

Players shouldn't feel this way after defeating someone on their first map. Just because someone's not the best at one map doesn't make them the weaker player overall. There are many different maps and play styles and each map can suit a player differently. Most of purri's Placebo wins came from the early rounds. After that he repeatedly started to drop the map. If forever had known this maybe he wouldn't have felt so confident going into the next two maps, or as upset afterwards. I'm sure it didn't faze purri to lose Placebo the first map.

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