It has been a while since I really was here, I mean fully connected. It's just that, well, where is the fun? Where did everybody go? Where are you: ninja, buq, kdawg, pepejin, zet and seven? All I see nowadays are uninteresting threads about Quake 4 and boring, uninspiring trolling. I used to derive great pleasure from this site, now the only reasons I visit are to see how the world of 'esports' go or to bet fake money on matches I know nothing about.

This used to be a community driven site, with input from everyone really, be it contributors such as Carmac or MrE, intelligent people/'trolls' such as seven and kdawg or the general pleasantness of wonderful persons like SiT or buq.
Now I only see this 'Nicky' person, that I don't know, who obviously takes his/her job much too seriously. There was admin abuse before, sure, but this has taken on corporate levels that just disgust me.

There's more I would like to say but I just feel too incoherent to; I can no longer post anything on this site without being drunk.

I don't know who it was that destroyed what could have been beautiful, and the best the internet could offer, but I guess a congratulation is in order, you did a good job.