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Rating: 7.1 (39 votes)
After his massive success with Finnish It it has been quiet around the Finnish editor Finland Electry, but now he's back with another UT2004 fragmovie which will try to follow on the previous success. If you want right on action, then this is the movie for you, showcasing the Italian player Italy devilmc raw skill, with especially the shockrifle, in any possible situation. The movie keeps the usual "Electry standard" so it's definitely worth a watch!

Finland Electry
"devilmc the movie" has been a long-lasting project but it's finally finished and here for everyone to see. The movie features the Italian player devilmc and a collection of some of the best frags in his ut2004 career. Frags are mostly from official tournaments and games so you can expect a lot of good frags against the best ut2004 players around the world. We started the project well over a year ago but it got delayed quite a bit. Fortunately for you, we are releasing it now. You'll find decent editing with a lot of sync as usual from me

I hope you all enjoy the movie.

Name: devilmc the movie
Author: Finland Electry
Cast: Italy devilmc
Length: 6min 40sec
Video: 800x500, XviD