The Quakeworld community has once again been spoiled by the hard working ezQuake ezQuake crew who have another huge changelog for us to drool over. As i wrote in the beta news two months ago the most significant additions are mouse driven menus, better QTV/ezTV support, HUD editor and that a load of settings that only could be set in the console before have been moved to the options menu. This, and a lot of other stuff should make Quakeworld easier to setup than before. The ezQuake developers sure have been busy as you can read from the snippet below.
It took longer then usual to make ezQuake ready for next stable release, but the time we needed was turned into an appropriate amount of work. We have put lots of efforts into developing, testing, and accepting suggestions. In April we managed to get into 50 most active projects on, which hosts about 150 000 projects. Lots of people from QuakWorld community helped us with testing and adjusting features we made and we are grateful for this.

This release aims on making QuakeWorld easier to start, configure and play. We have created completely new mouse navigated rich menus which allow you to setup everything you will ever need for comfortable game experience. For every setting there’s a detailed description in the help box on the bottom of the screen. The way how the renderer and other client modules are initialized has been reworked, which allows us to get rid of all command-line options, also you can finally change video settings on-the-fly in OpenGL version.
To get a solid Quakeworld setup you should use this new ezQuake version along with the fQuake package. Install fQuake, add pak1.pak from your original Quake CD and then install the new ezQuake version on top of everything. If you already got a good Quakeworld install, then just make sure to fetch the new ezQuake version as it will totally rock your socks off.

Official statement from ezQuake developers
Download ezQuake
#ezQuake on Quakenet IRC