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Rating: 7.7 (24 votes)
"The idea of this movie came from lots of high class movies, and i decided to make an own one, with my own frags (and two from gore^^). So 1,5 years ago i decided to do this with fraps and other stuff, but then cancelled it, cause frags were not good enough, and I wasn't really motivated neither. Now, I refreshed the project, and with some MUCH better frags i finally did it with using better methods than Fraps, and knowing much more about Vegas and XviD compressing (thanks Numlock!). So, I hope you enjoy this short vid.

PS: I KNOW that the outro is long, the whole movie should have been much longer, but I'm lazy and dont have more frags." - Morph

Theme frag: gore
Outro frags: Morph

Game: UT2004 UT2004
Length: 3m40s
Size: 96 Megs
Resolution: 800x450
Codec: XviD