I'm searching for instrumental rock/alternative/progressive music bands. Mainly something with drumms/guitar with additional keyboards. Vocals could be, but not that much.

Bands such like:
- Isis (mainly heavy instrumental with some vocals from time to time)
- Liquid Tension Experiment (crazy and very fast instrumental progressive band)
- Pelican (alternative instrumental)
- Russian Circles (alternative instrumental)
- Tool (something with such music would be nice)
- Sonic Mayhem (not that good, but well..)
- Planet X (personally, I don't like it)
- Tony MacAlpine, John Petrucci (great guitarists, note: see below)

NOT super fast speed guitar Yngwie Malmsteen/Satriani/Vai/

Particularly everything from heavy metal to soft rock (not techno, ambient, trance etc..)

Thanks for help.