Amaze your friends, crush your enemies, and become the big cheese of your clan!"

Hmm, yap, that's what probably every1 wants to be, huh!? Especially the "crush your enemies" part sound good!

"Don't suffer through hours of grinding boredom, we will do the work for you!"

Teh lol! Well, it refered to WoW, so whatever, but why the hack do they call their own game a "grinding boredom" and a "suffer through hours"!? Hell yeah, it took every good player loads of time and training efforts to become skilled by fair means, but isn't that the way things go!? At least one question ramains: why should some1 do all the work for me, so that I don't have to play any more "hours of suffer" !? What shall I do with my leetpwnz-character!? Maybe make a video about my all-over-the-world-feared-lvl-60-monst0r - (made-in-korea!) and upload it on youtube, to become the coolest dude in the entire www!! Okay, I get that point now, too!

So what do I need to do!? Where can I send my application to get the "king of the universe mode" set from 0 to 1!?
Brogame world of warcraft powerleveling
The Price for Powerleveling slashed !!!
Only 199 USD!! 15 days needed for lvl 1 to lvl 60 bLa!

Hell yeah, that's really progaming's edit's best, what the fuck you dumb WoW addicted retards! Plz some1 take away their pcs and hack 'em, they can't handle online gaming o_O
Plz go back to the old-school way, grab your 200 U$ and spend it on private hackz in CS 1.6, maybe we can get rid of this stupid game as well by sending the WoW guys - who pay so much money to ppl to lvl their character - back to where they came from! I guess a private CS hack isn't even that expensive, and it makes you "crush your enemies" and "big cheese" as well o_O

Whatever, just seen the advertisement of BroGames on esreality, and I urgently needed to flame around after reading it, sorry, I don't hate you WoW guys, I just wished your inet would break down forever, that's all ;)