So the problem is this:

When I'm in game, and not spectating, my screen seems like it almost tears excessively.

It's a little choppy.

When I spectate someone, it's smooth as butter. When someone spectates me, they say I look really bad and choppy, I'm guessing more than what I see because it isn't extreme when I'm playing, but noticeable.

I've tried vsync on and off, makes no difference. I've also set my r_displayrefresh to 85 which seems to be the max for whatever reason. This seemed to smooth it out a little from my view in game.

However, when I spec, It is still way smoother when watching someone else.

I really don't understand what the problem is. I've even tried deleting all my config files and running from scratch. Same problem. I've set my com_maxfps as well.

It's not a crappy system problem, I am running a 4800x2, 7900gt, and a gig of ram.

Anyone know what's going on?