After last week's WSVG China another tournament is to take place in the fastest growing eSport market in the world: the KODE5 global finals is to start today.

The finals are set to be played at Bejing, China. Featuring 16 players which will be battling for 15,000$ for a audience of 4,600 spectators, it is set to be an exciting event.

The competition will start out with a groupphase, the top two's of which will play a elimination bracket.

Matches can be watched through WTV. Use as server and put 11383 in the box next to it.

The seedings worked out almost perfectly, only "upsets" were the #9 seed (ShowBu) over the #8 seed (RotterdaM) and the #5 seed (Deadman) over the #4 seed (ToD).

The single elimination bracket will be played tomorrow, and with four Koreans, four Night Elf players, four 4Kings players, four different match-ups, four Europeans, eight professional gamers and eight WC3L players looking to do good it promises to leave us some very nice matches.

1. Russiawc3_elf SK.Deadman - 10,000$
2. Francewc3_human 4K^ToD - 5,000$
3. Netherlandswc3_orc 4K^Grubby - 1,000$
4. Korea (Republic of)wc3_undead 4K^FoV
5/8. Korea (Republic of)wc3_elf WE.Check
5/8. Korea (Republic of)wc3_elf WE.Soju
5/8. Korea (Republic of)wc3_human gO)ShowBu
5/8. Norwaywc3_elf 4K^Creolophus

The groups are: