This is not meant to be "the ultimate guide to Quake4 and all of its mods/maps/content/settings but it should help players who are new to Quake4 to get an overview. Maybe this guide will grow with your support. Please correct me if i gave false information or broken links. I also want to encourage everyone who thinks that something is missing to write it in the comments so that it can be added to the list.

I will try to keep this post as updated and correct as possible.

You just installed Quake 4 and want to start fragging? No problem there are still some Quake 4 "1.0 base" servers online with players on them, but if you want to experience the full potential of Quake4 you might want to take a look at the following files:


You definitely want to upgrade your Quake4 to the latest version. Point release 1.3 made Quake 4 a lot more fun and you don't want to miss that! ;)

Point Release 1.3 - The latest patch for Quake4


Most gamers prefere to play modified versions of quake. the variety of modifications ranges from competition mods that bring Quake 4 to its full potential in a vannila physic setting to total conversion that change almost everything. For the start i just listed the "biggest" mods.

Q4MAX Competition Mod 0.76b - the Standard comp. mod for most Q4 duel leagues/tourneys

XBattleMod 0.3 - The standard comp. mod for most Q4 tdm leagues/tourneys

Delta CTF 1.100 - Enhanced capture the flag mod for Quake4

GameType-Revolution 0.17b - Modified physics, weapon balance and movement put quake 4 to a new speed level with this mod


The maps that come with Quake4 are sadly not really suited for a smooth and balanced quake4 match. Due to this there are plenty of people out there working on new maps or 'remaking' the standard Quake4 maps to suite them for beeing played in leagues and tourneys. Here are some of the most famous maps for duel and team deathmatch gameplay:

Lukins Map Pack - some of the most played Q4 duel maps

Phrantic - Q4 version of the famous map Phrantic

Placebo Effect - Great Duel map made by wviperw

Quake 4 TMP Map Pack 2 - Team DeathMatch map 'remakes'. enhanced performance and weapon placement


Having problems finding the right strategies to keep up with the other players? Maybe you'll have a look at the demos of the most famous Quake 4 duelers and teams! next to ESReality's exquisit demo section you might want to take a look at some of these pages: - Russian gaming page where you can often find some really nice demos (page is in russian but the demo site should be self-explaining)

serverbrowsers / tools

For a first look into the game and maybe even further into your Quake4 experience the built-in server browser will be ok for finding Quake4 servers. If you want more options to filter your servers, create enhanced favourite list, find more servers or just dont like the built-in browser take a look at these:

QX Q4Mon - QX Q4Mon is a web-based Quake4 browser

KQuery 4.0 - KQuery is a multi-game serverbrowser that supports Quake4

SkQ4 1.2 - SkQ4 is a mIRC-plugin-serverbrowser designed to suit the needs of Quake4 online players who want to manage their serverlist right out of their favourite irc client mIRC

QTracker - QTracker is a multi-game serverbrowser that supports Quake4

guides / additional information

If you want to know more about the game or the modifications please take a look at the readme/help files or the webpage (listed above) of the respective mod. You'll find plenty of information regarding client and server setup/settings. If you want basic information regarding the Quake engine and the available commands you might want to look at:

UpsetChaps' Quake4 Guide - A great introduction into the world of the Quake4 console and beyond! - Make sure that you check out the Quak4 Tips section on this page it has an introduction into the Quake4 scripting and movement that you definitely don't want to miss!

Always remember -> Whatever happens: DON'T PANIC!