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Rating: 7.6 (33 votes)
Frag highlight movie showcasing the best frags and actions from the Finnish UT2004 TDM clan, Brownies. Most of the content was gathered between January and May 2006, but a few frags also got in from the summer. All of the frags were done on passworded servers, either in pickups, practices or official matches.

With the soundtrack I tried to bring something different into the frag movie world and judging from the earlier comments I've received, it really divides people into 2 groups: those who love it and those who hate it.

I've only included a link to the own-age.com movie page, to ensure easier management of dead download links etc.

Cast: dele, Jehi, meep, sirka, Smil3, vjm. Some of you might recall familiar names from the cast of Finnish it by Electry, since we all appeared in it several times if I remember correctly.

Length: 5min and 25sec
Video: 800x500 in 45fps, XviD