Time for a question again

What is the point of being here and trying to make a living? Why not give up and live like bum, social welfare or something?

Sure, the standards of living are crappy but then again, bumming is so much easyer but much much more uncomfortable. It may vary, but basically you sleep 1/3 of the day, work 1/3 then travel to work etc leaving you a crappy 4-6 hours of time to express yourself during the week. Are the accommodities you benefit from work better then if you would not work? Again a difficult question as the system is very different in each country. In some of our countries f.ex an internet connection is provided by the welfare system to not to make the people "drift" appart from the community!?! What else is there? TV, perhaps sponsored hobbies, food, perhaps you have to attend to a few unemployment meetings once a week or so? I dont know...but I do know I will not be getting a government pension like the generation before me.

Again, you would have to face the negative aspects, like feeling like a utter useless crap who nobody would appreciate since you are not chipping in....but so what? Do I feel better that I work at an good or a not so good job, who decides what is good? Or is it that one must inherit or win the lottery to have to not to do this 9 to 5 thing?

Ah well guess I would need more time to think of it, better get to bed...wouldn't want to miss the flight in the morning.

Humour me.