As most of you know the past few weeks have been very controversial for everyone on the border between the competitive gaming world and the Quake gaming community. In the middle of it all there is an impartial entity reaching down into your game fusing the overtures of the fragmentary code fragments.....err. Anyway, here's a sample of the interview with the man behind the very popular competitive mods, CPMA and Q4Max.
Do you consider CPMA VQ3 physics still an open question in light of the recent vows from some members of the OSP community?

No, and I never have. Do you really think I should make decisions based on the mewling of a handful of clueless halfwits just because they spam ESR with the same post a hundred times? If I did, what would happen when the next two handfuls both wanted something that conflicted with each other?
In it he talks about Quake3, Quake4, tells us what is happening with CPMA and sheds light on many confusing (for some) subjects.

You might also be interested in our older interview with him.
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