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Rating: 9.8 (36 votes)
Over the weekend of the 2nd of June at CovLan there were some fantastic Quake4 matches, accompaineed with outstanding shoutcasting from Radio iTG's ReDeYe and TosspoT.

The following are the 2 highlights of the event that didn't deserve to have only their demo uploaded, instead they have been put together into a movie format by ReDeYe. They are:

SK.fooki Vs *aAa*winz 1v1 Final on Monsoon.
Fooki comes back from the loser bracket and takes winz into the 4th map in the final.

Dignitas Vs 4Kings TDM final on Edge.
Dignitas win the first map on BetterThanNothing, only to have to beat 4K on their strongest map Edge.

Regarded by many as the finest Quake4 matches to date, they are both well worth a watch.