I was just curious as to why the MX518 is so unpopular with the pro circuit. For example, this is a list of current quake live pros and their mice:

calipt - deathadder
spart1e - deathadder
garpy - deathadder
av3k - salmosa
chance - salmosa
cypher - abyssus
stermy - ms ie 3.0
DKT - ms ie 3.0
madix - ZOWiE Intellimouse 1.1
zsx - imo 1.1a
Cooller - wmo 1.1
jibo - wmo 1.1
rapha - wmo 1.1
ZeRo4 - wmo 1.1
linkje - kinzu
strenx - kinzu
noctis - frankenmouse
k1llsen - g9
z4muz - ?
fazz - ?
fox - wmo?

These are correct as far as I know but I'd be interested in hearing any corrections.

I've been using the mx518 for a while now and it's a great mouse, I really don't need to switch but I like to try different mice and I was curious why it has fallen out of favor. Is it because of the prediction? The salmosa also has prediction afaik.

If you were going to change mice from the 518, which would you change to?