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#1 SouthAmerica Duel Tournament
Posted @ 14:19 GMT 13 Aug 2018
After a while, the community from south america has decided to make a new duel t
Re: Moviemaking Interview Series
Posted @ 18:51 GMT 26 Jul 2018
I just hope qc give us demos, so we can make take frags and 3rd person shots
Re: 125 FPS QC DUEL SUNDAY CUP#25, Champ
Posted @ 22:19 GMT 10 Apr 2018
Well, it seems nice to me, if we ban maps because we know the opponent is better
A little comeback on sacrifice
Posted @ 01:51 GMT 27 Jul 2017
Hi, just a little clip from last night match on sacrifce against a team from our
Re: Quake Live's Next Update and Beyond
Posted @ 03:00 GMT 27 Sep 2015
oh, it looks very cool, thanks for the responses
Re: Quake Live's Next Update and Beyond
Posted @ 01:49 GMT 27 Sep 2015
Maybe in all LAN stuff, or maybe the new look, or the changes in-game, but i'm a
Re: Quake Live's Next Update and Beyond
Posted @ 22:23 GMT 26 Sep 2015
Maybe the final release, or some content to see (more than we already saw)
Re: Quake Live's Next Update and Beyond
Posted @ 21:14 GMT 26 Sep 2015
What happened with this? Maybe the most wanted update and there are not new news
Re: good movies / cartoons / tv
Posted @ 16:30 GMT 26 Sep 2015
you want media to make you think? watch Fight Club, Id, ego, and super-ego (two
Re: FACEIT South America Test Cups
Posted @ 08:50 GMT 27 Jul 2013
60 i think, nhd won
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