As a follow up to the story I wrote a month ago about ABIT and the interview with Marketing Manager Peter du Preez, ABIT have announced today that they are to merge with Universal Scientific Industrial (USI).

"By partnering with USI, ABIT is able to enjoy several key advantages. USI has been manufacturing a wide range of IT-related products with an OEM portfolio that contains Global PC, Communication and Automotive Electronics clients. Their manufacturing prowess is well suited towards ABIT’s pursuit of engineering excellence, and will ensure that ABIT motherboards will maintain the strict level of quality that ABIT users have been accustomed to over the years. "

The press release goes on to mention ABIT's tough last 15 months and the fact that the future now looks better than ever for the global motherboard maker and sponsor of e-sports players and teams.

“The partnership with USI marks a new, exciting chapter in ABIT history,” notes Jason Hsu, Executive Vice President, ABIT Computer Corporation. “The past 15 months have certainly been trying times for ABIT, and we have to thank all the ABIT fans around for the world for their undying support throughout this most difficult period in ABIT’s history.”