Nick: Jamerio
Name: James Williams
Clan: N/A
Location: Swansea, UK

ESR: Tell us about your gaming background.

Jamerio: I was sponsored by Trocadero/London back in the 90’s to play…

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo.
Killer Instinct.
Ridge Racer.

I then got a job with the developers of Killer Instinct based on that knowledge and utilized it in the sequel. Stopped playing games at a competitive level because of work commitments. Then I was “researching” Q3 5 years later and let’s just say it reminded me of what I was missing. So in 2004 I finally bought my own pc and have been playing lots of Quake 3 and Doom 3 to try and catch up with the rest.

All this while “trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents”:)

ESR: What hardware do you use?

Jamerio: 4D steel Pad (smooth side) (even though it’s plastic!)
Logitech G5 (because of the 500hz polling rate)
Sennheiser Eh150 headphones (nothing special)
Audigy 2Zs (I need to upgrade for proper OpenAl support. Shame on you idsoftware/creative)
AMD 64 3.4 (AMD>Intel. Simple really)
21 inch sony (This is my work monitor, but I reduce it to 19’ for Q4)
Packard bell wireless keyboard. (It’s been butchered/customized because I use arrows to move. Yes arrows haha!)

ESR: How do you think you'll do in the VIA ESi tournament?

Jamerio: Oh top 16 for sure:) ATM I’m just playing a few duels a day. I’m not a famous player, possibly infamous to a few, but I’m really just going because I was invited. Preparation wise, it varies. I’m finding it hard to get games, most people have their own little groups and not being in a clan means I have to get random pickups with pretty much anyone.

I will be watching a few of the demos from CPL and just doing a bit of revision on the key factors of the game.

ESR: Who are you most wary about in the VIA ESi tournament?

Jamerio: Pretty much everyone on there to be perfectly honest.

I have just found out TooGoood is in my group, so that automatically means one of the two progression spots have been taken in my group as he’s definitely the best in the UK ATM and arguably one of the best in the world given his Dreamhack and CPL winter performances.

All I want to do is make the top 8. If I can do that then I know every single one of the final 8, are going to be an overwhelming threat. But, when I consider the fact that I’m not in a clan, not played in a serious pc tourney before or would never have played Q4 on a LAN basis until the day this thing starts, then I have nothing to lose!

ESR: Quake 4 has been out for a few months now, what do you think of the game and do you think it
has a future in Esports?

Jamerio: The Single player is fairly decent. The Multiplayer still needs a bit of work, but I am confident it will get there very soon.

I have absolutely no doubt that Quake 4 has a rosy future as a 1v1 game. Q4 max is progressing nicely and in 4 months time I predict one or two of the “current” duel maps will be dropped (TMP Lost Fleet 100%) and replaced by some custom maps which reward skill, instead of abuse. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but 1v1 is where it’s at. If you’re looking for big money or prestigious team tourneys, then for the time being, you need to be playing CS. Not Q4. If you play games purely for fun, then you really should be playing Q3 TDM/CTF.

ESR: How would you describe your Quake 4 playing style? (something unique about your style)
Overly aggressive?

Jamerio: I’m slowly learning to slow my game down. I can play a decent player and lose by 20 + frags, then I can refocus, not play like a headless chicken and take the game into overtime. It really depends on my attention span on the day. Often short.

When you have level designs like Lost Fleet, Rail-guns that do huge amounts of damage, you really do need to play cautiously/boringly to stand a chance of beating a skilled opponent. ATM I’m quite reluctant to play that style of play because most of my enjoyment is derived from flying around the levels, but at the same time I realize that style of play is not “currently” suited to Q4 1v1, so that is what I am trying to work on. Slowing my game down and forcing myself to be more cautious.

ESR: Who do you think will dominate Quake 4 in 2006, and why?

Jamerio: At the moment, I think there are too many flaws in some of the level designs and weapons to single out any one player as being a cut above the rest. Until maps like Lost Fleet are dropped and the Shot Gun gets “fixed”, then I would say there are about 12 players who can take the 1st spot. When true skill is rewarded on every map, then I believe the big money spots (1-2-3) will be filled with the old school Quake 3 OSP talent.

Quickfire Round!

Favourite Q4 Weapon: Lightning Gun. Ding ding ding ding ding!!

Favourite Q4 Map: Galang.

Favourite Q4 Player: G0dm0de (USA player)

Favourite Game: Super Mario Kart (Snes)

Favourite Country (to visit): USA, especially North east coast.

Favourite Colour: 000 255 000

Favourite Food: Aromatic Crispy Duck with pancakes and hoi Sin sauce.

Favourite Drink: Orange Juice-and none of that cheap concentrated junk!

Favourite Car: A heavily modified Nissan Skyline R34 GTR.

Favourite Sport: Golf. Or e-sports if you classify it as a sport.

Favourite Band/Group/Singer: Lots, but I’ll go with Daft Punk.

Favourite Film: Too many to list. Let’s just say I like films where I feel I have learned something that I can apply to real life.

Your best pickup line: Pickup lines are trashy and only work on drunk, ugly or stupid people. None of which I want to pickup :)