Nick: Vorvavoo
Name: Rich Valentine
Clan: 4Kings
Location: Lancashire, UK

ESR: Tell us about your gaming background.

Vorvavoo: I have been around far to long...

Clan History!

1998-2001 - Quake2

Clan Revenge, Rv
KissMyAss, KMA
Children of Gaia, CoG
England DM

2000-2004 - Quake3

Clan Revenge, Rv
4Kings, 4K^
Ironfist, iron
England DM & CTF

2001-2003 - Return to Castle Wolfenstein

4Kings, 4K^
phenonima, tP
Clan Beer, beer

2003 - 2004 - Enemy Territory

2xtreme, |2x|
Clan Revenge, Rv
UK Team

2005 - Quake4

4Kings, 4K^

The most notable thing I have won is probably Eurocup with Ironfist. Won a lot of other things with Rv (2nd Clanbase opencup Spring 2000!), 4K (BW x7) and Ironfist, done well with England / UK in various nations things (4th BWEC, 2nd CB Nations) but do not want to bore you any more as I am bored typing this. Duel wise I used to win a lot of small lan’s in Quake2 era but nothing really “shattering news” to all 17 people reading this.

ESR: What hardware do you use?

Vorvavoo: Qcksteelpad & headset, ATI Radeon X800, 3.6ghz provided by sponsors for 4K and that’s why I use it! I also use a mouse believe it or not, this being a Logitech G5, its pretty chunky but you get used to using it. My spec I was using at home prior was AMD64 3400+ and gt6800.

ESR: How do you think you'll do in the VIA ESi tournament?

Vorvavoo: I do not have a clue how I will do. I have not played a LAN duel tournament since Insomnia 4 (God knows what they are up to now, i30?) That was a Quake2 final against E^Z or possibly Mist (maybe that was I3?!?!) There are a lot of good players going and I know enough about everyone to realise that if I do not take each game seriously I will end up on my arse and will not get out of the group stages :).

Preparation? Well I “boot camped” (hate that word, bent) with the UK guys who went to CPL, after that LAN session I did not play till after Christmas. I have been duelling during the festive holidays with 4K peeps and more. Been back in work since 3rd Jan and have been to busy catching up 4v4 games with 4K in Eurocup. Although I think now I have found the red armour on Phrantic I am in great shape.

ESR: Who are you most wary about in the VIA ESi tournament?

Vorvavoo: Blokey but he is not playing!!! Nah seriously, the UK’s got a pretty big pool of players on a similar level and I am quite sure even the CPL high finishers wont be afraid to admit they could drop a map or two to various people on the invite list :).

I guess I am most wary of myself, why worry about others? As the old saying goes, “Make sure you have your pants on before your worry about anyone else’s”.

ESR: Quake 4 has been out for a few months now, what do you think of the game and do you think it has a future in Esports?

Vorvavoo: Of course it has a future, TDM & CTF will take off towards summer (QCON I guess, maybe a QLAN?) 1v1 is big at the moment, but can imagine 2v2 having some joy as well with the right maps & backers. The mods & Communities are still developing and probably we will not see any stable scene till this time next year.

ESR: How would you describe your Quake 4 playing style?

Vorvavoo: My style is rather like my personality, which could be best described, as pretty random. I can pull off things and almost impress myself, then do the most moronic thing you can imagine (then laugh, shake my head & repeat) I used to be very +forward & MG in Quake3, am not as insane at the moment as I have been seeing a psychiatrist for some time now, I also went to see me my chiropodist but he could not get to the sole of my problems.

ESR: Who do you think will dominate Quake 4 in 2006, and why?

Vorvavoo: Cooller – Natural style can control tempo of a duel with or without map control, wining or losing. Very amusing to watch.

Quickfire Round!

Favourite Q4 Weapon: Lightgun!

Favourite Q4 Map: Sandstorm!

Favourite Q4 Player: Mist!

Favourite Game: Quake 2!

Favourite Country (to visit): Ibiza!

Favourite Colour: Red !

Favourite Food: Italian!

Favourite Drink: Vodka!

Favourite Car: Don’t care!

Favourite Sport: Football !

Favourite Band/Group/Singer: Dance trance freak, really no interest in bands

Favourite Film: Not really into films, Steve Coogan is funny .

Your best pickup line: "Hey! Thought I recognised you! Didn’t recognise you without your makeup on, you look great, you have lost quite a bit of weight and only half as Spotty as you used to be when we last spoke! Fancy a drink? Your round, I will buy the next one!”. Always a winner.