Nick: TooGoood
Name: James Harding
Clan: Team Dignitas
Location: Glastonbury, UK

ESR: Tell us about your gaming background.

TooGoood: I've had every console available till I got a PC when I was about 12. From there on my grades went downhill! :) I played Mechcommander loads with Americans, then I started to play Quake 3 on American servers! Then ma bro's mate showed me a clan arena server which was UK (I think jolt or barrysworld) and I was cursed thereforth! :) At the moment I'm all Q4 and I relax with wc3 duels! I play random so people think I'm pro! The fooools!

ESR: What hardware do you use?

TooGoood: I'm using a 7800gtx because it's expensive, a p4 3gig because marketing got the better of me, a Qpad because it rocks! and a Logitech dual optical mouseman because it moulds to my hand :(. Had it for 5 years, I think my palm is slowly becoming more and more silver from it :(.

ESR: How do you think you'll do in the VIA ESi tournament?

TooGoood: I think ill do alright! Sujoy said he'd fix it.

ESR: Who are you most wary about in the VIA ESi tournament?

TooGoood: Ms.X - incase shes been drinking.

ESR: Quake 4 has been out for a few months now, what do you think of the game and do you think it has a future in Esports?

TooGoood: Quakey rocks, the community make it a e-sport but it has such a good basis to be the best 1v1 game!

Hah my answers are shorter than your questions! OWNED.

ESR: How would you describe your Quake 4 playing style?

TooGoood: I play calm and always with an objective. I like to catch rockets.

ESR: Who do you think will dominate Quake 4 in 2006, and why?

TooGoood: I think Sujoy, because he's got too much free time to praccy as he doesnt really work.

Quickfire Round!

Favourite Q4 Weapon: Rail

Favourite Q4 Map: all the same

Favourite Q4 Player: Cooller - but not because he wins cus hes craazy!

Favourite Game: Mechcommander

Favourite Country (to visit): Sweden so far but i wanna visit Russia and China

Favourite Colour: Blue

Favourite Food: Meat

Favourite Drink: The Americans got me hooked on Coke because of all the free refills, so that atm that till I can kick the addiction

Favourite Car: Porshe

Favourite Sport: Volleyball

Favourite Band/Group/Singer: BT

Favourite Film: Vanilla Sky + Shawshank Redemption

Your best pickup line: You look just like my mother